Plushenko to aim for team event in Sochi

After finishing second in the Russian national figure skating

championships, Evgeny Plushenko says he still aims to take to the

ice at the Sochi Olympics in the team event.

Plushenko, 31, was disappointed to win silver at the Vancouver

games in 2010 behind Evan Lysacek, complaining that Lysacek won

gold despite not doing a quad jump. Plushenko had won gold at the

2006 Olympics and silver in 2002.

He had back surgery in the spring.

On Wednesday, after finishing behind Maxim Kovtun in the

nationals, Plushenko was quoted by the R-Sport news agency as

saying ”I think I’ll choose the team event and will give the

individual competition to a young and promising athlete.”

Team skating makes its Olympic debut in Sochi.