Platini’s biggest fan earns soccer memorabilia records

MOSFILOTI, Cyprus (AP) Michel Platini’s No. 1 fan lives in Cyprus.

The Guinness World Records has made it official.

A Cypriot man who idolizes the French soccer great has clinched two entries in the latest annual book for his stash of photos, jerseys, shoes, balls and more centered on Platini.

The Guinness Book credits Philippos Stavrou Platini, who legally changed his name to add the Frenchman’s surname, with the largest collection of football memorabilia, and the largest collection of sporting memorabilia.

The 40,669 items adorn the ”Museum of Platini” that doubles as a kebab shop in the evenings in this sleepy inland village. The centerpiece is the official UEFA suit Platini wore as president at official functions.