Pires ponders his prospects

The former Arsenal midfielder signed a six-month contract before

Christmas and has made only a handful of appearances for the

midlands club. Pires is 37 and will weight up all his options at

the end of the campaign. He said: “I’m still playing in the Premier

League so I get noticed. People haven’t forgotten about me. “I’m

prepared to retire in May if that’s what it comes to. “But I am

also ready to go wherever an interesting proposition comes along –

be it Qatar or the United States. “I’ve even had an offer from

Australia. “But it’s a case of one thing at a time and I’ll look at

that at the end of the season.” Pires insists he never joined Villa

for financial gain. He said: “I always look at the sporting

challenge – as I always have. “At Villa, I’m paid on a

match-by-match basis with a small fixed salary, so I didn’t come

here for the money.”