Philippe Coutinho’s new tattoo is so bad it must be seen to be believed

Soccer stars love their tattoos. Look across all the top divisions, whether in Europe or at home in the States, and many of the biggest names are sporting ink.

Given that, there are bound to be some missteps when it comes to ink in the soccer world and, well, we’ve done it – we’ve found the new worst tattoo by a soccer star.

Brace yourself:

Philippe Coutinho of Liverpool trains at Melwood Training Ground on March 15, 2017 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by John Powell via Getty Images)
Liverpool FC via Getty Images

That is Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho at training this week lifting his shirt and revealing a Mickey Mouse tattoo. Yes, a 24-year-old man and professional athlete has Disney’s iconic cartoon character indelibly inked on his torso for life.

Say what you want about Coutinho’s new tat, but at least it’s hard not to crack a smile when looking at it. Coutinho’s Liverpool teammates have gone some darker routes for their ink — Dejan Lovren has a rather unpleasant depiction of the Jesus crucifixion scene on his arm while Alberto Moreno depicts a monkey holding a gun on his thigh. Mickey Mouse doesn’t seem so bad now, eh?

It’s unclear when Coutinho got the new tattoo, but maybe it’ll give him a boost when the Reds face Manchester City on Sunday.