Pep Guardiola encourages Manchester City players to have more sex


Pep Guardiola has already banned Manchester City players from eating pizza and he cut off WiFi at Etihad Stadium too, so new claims that he banned his players from sex after midnight weren't exactly far-fetched. The manager has already proven anything goes for ensuring his players are game-ready, after all.

But asked about the supposed sex ban on Friday, Guardiola denied the rumors and said, if anything, he encourages his players to have as much sex as they want.

“It is impossible to play good football if you don't make sex with your partner,” said Guardiola to a room full of reporters laughing. “It's impossible. I never did that.”

He left the press conference with a parting message that players will be better if they can take care of their personal business. “They have to do it. As much as they do it,” Guardiola said, smacking the table, “better players.”

Word of a ban on sex for Manchester City players came out earlier this week when Samir Nasri alleged that Guardiola had imposed a limit on hours for the deed before Nasri signed with Sevilla.

“For him, his players' sexual activity must take place before midnight in order to get a good night's sleep,” Nasri told a French television station. “Even if they are free tomorrow. He said that he placed this rule on (Lionel) Messi and his muscles improved since.”

If restrictions on sex are really what has made Messi the player he is today, you can bet a lot of soccer players are going to take up celibacy – but somehow we have our doubts.

Either way, it looks like this rumor is busted for now and all the possible jokes we could make will go to waste – at least until Guardiola bans something else at Etihad Stadium. With Manchester City looking comfortable at third place on the Premier League table, who can argue with Guardiola methods?