Pellegrini: Mourinho wants to take the credit for everything

Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini believes Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho wants to "take credit for everything".

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Manuel Pellegrini believes Jose Mourinho wants to "take credit for everything" and insists the two coaches ‘differ on all fronts’.

Mourinho’s side cruised to the Premier League title last season, taking the trophy away from Pellegrini’s Manchester City.

At Chelsea’s end-of-season awards dinner, Mourinho poked fun at the Blues’ rivals and the criticism the champions’ style of play had received. Pellegrini believes the Portuguese coach should have followed his example from the previous year in letting the achievement speak for itself.

The City boss told Chilean newspaper El Mercurio: "When he wins, Mourinho wants to take credit for everything. I don’t do that.

"When I won the Premier League, I didn’t say a word."

Mourinho took over from Pellegrini at Real Madrid in 2010, but the City manager insists there is animosity between the pair.

"I don’t have any problem with him, he’s not my enemy and there isn’t any conflict with him but I differ from him on all fronts.

"I have no interest in analyzing him as a person."