Patrice Evra welcomed Gonzalo Higuain with the running man

The Running Man is making a (unwanted?) resurgence this week, and it’s all centered around the soccer world. Gonzalo Higuain’s transfer has everyone riled up in Naples, but it’s a celebration in Turin as Patrice Evra welcomed his new teammate to Juventus in style.

Juventus spent €90 million to bring Higuain to Turin, handing him a €7.5 million/year contract, but clearly the price doesn’t bother Evra one bit, he’s just happy to have Serie A’s top scorer on his side instead having to face him twice a year.

Evra took to Instagram to show his excitement for the transfer, receiving the news while playing ping pong, and enlisting the help of some mini-Juve fans as well.

A+ for exuberance, but we gotta toss Evra a C- for execution. C’mon man, you’ve been on a team with Paul Pogba for two years now and you still can’t dance? We need better.