Paris Saint-Germain beat Chelsea because of Adrien Rabiot’s hair

Adrien Rabiot's hair is magnificent.

Paris Saint-Germain beat Chelsea, 2-1, on Wednesday to complete a 4-2 aggregate win over the Blues and book their spot in the Champions League quarterfinals.

Adrien Rabiot has magnificent hair.

These two statements are related. How, you may ask? It’s pretty simple. Just look:


It’s impossible to see hair like that, gracefully bouncing and perfectly flowing in the wind, and not give it your all on the pitch. You have the ultimate motivation — the need to hole up the best and greatest that this earth has. Because that is what Rabiot’s hair is.

That hair powered Rabiot to score a goal at Stamford Bridge, helping PSG to their victory.

Rabiot also picked up a yellow card in the match, presumably because the referee was jealous of the Frenchman’s flow. UEFA will probably investigate. 

The race for FIFA Best Hair* between Rabiot and Paul Pogba is heating up.