Pardew sure of Ashley commitment

The Magpies pocketed £35million from the club record sale of

Carroll to Liverpool in January. With the move taking place on the

last day of the window, that left them with too little time to

spend any of the money on a replacement. “No matter what I say in

terms of reassurance about Mike Ashley’s investment, it will be

undermined until we get to the summer,” said Pardew. “It is

difficult to argue against some of the things that have happened

here in the past. The fanbase has doubted the owner and the board.

“If I was a fan here, would I be jumping up and down about Mike

Ashley? No. But he genuinely wants to prove that he can make this a

success. He doesn’t want his investment to fail here and get

criticised as a result. He wants to be here and win matches. “But

the proof will be who we bring in. My first job is to keep us as a

Premier League side, and we are not definitely safe. Then, we can

concentrate on the next agenda and identify the players we want to

sign. “Mike has committed that the (Andy Carroll) money will go

back into the club and I am 100 per cent sure it will.” Over the

weekend Pardew, his assistant John Carver and chief scout Graham

Carr all departed for the continent to check on players and the

Toon boss insists this is a sign “He would not be paying for my

staff and my players to fly all over Europe to scout players if he

had no intention of buying them,” he said at a fans forum. “My test

is spending wisely and making sure we don’t make the same mistakes

as previous regimes with our buys. “You scour Europe and you hope

you can bypass other clubs like Marseille, Aston Villa, Everton and

Tottenham, who are maybe in the same bracket as us. “When the

season ends and we are a Premier League side for next year, we will

step up our recruitment, but we won’t be bringing two players in

straight away.”We have to wait, pitch in with these teams, and see

what unfolds. But from conversations I’ve already had with players

and players’ agents, I already know of players that want to come

here. “The size of the fanbase makes a difference. You can see

players in Europe who could have a chance of Champions League

football in Belgium, France or Holland, but they are playing in

front of 10,000 people. Here, our players have an opportunity to

play in front of 50,000 every week and you have to be inspired by