Pardew staying at Newcastle

Newcastle United boss Alan Pardew insists that there is no

‘uncertainty’ over his future at the club after talks with owner

Mike Ashley.

Pardew had previously stated that he would be holding talks with

Ashley once the season had finished, and that his job may be in


However, he has now insisted that there is no doubts at all

about his future with the club having already met with Ashley.

“There’s no uncertainty about my position,” said Pardew, who

penned an eight-year deal last year.

“I expect to be manager 100 per cent. It was a good lunch.

“Mike just comes and generally has a chat, says hello to

everyone and he thanked all the players for their efforts.

“We all know it has not been our greatest season but you cannot

say we’ve not given 100 per cent.

“We have and therefore have a better scenario next year and we

all have to pull together. That was basically his message.

“Like all clubs, we will be sitting down again, discussing plans

for next year.”