Pardew: Happy to leave Saints

Newcastle manager Alan Pardew heads back to Southampton on

Sunday for the first time since being sacked by the club in August


Pardew was at St Mary’s for just over a year and he admits it

was “a relief to be sacked” by the south coast club.

He returns there in the Premier League this weekend and says

that his relationship with the then chairman of Southampton, Nicola

Cortese, had been a difficult one.

Pardew told the

Northern Echo: “If I’m honest, I was quite happy about


“I thought I’d done a good job but it was proving to be very

very difficult to work with the owner.

“I wouldn’t have jumped before I was pushed, but it was a

difficult period working with Mr Cortese.

“We just didn’t see eye to eye. There was no nastiness in there,

he just didn’t want me as his manager and I think that was

obviously coming through to me.

“I had a great relationship with the fans though and our

performances were strong bearing in mind we had minus ten points

and didn’t really have a starting XI when I arrived.”