Palermo rehires Sannino in 4th change of season

Desperate to avoid relegation, last-place Palermo has rehired

Giuseppe Sannino to mark its fourth coaching change of the


The move comes a day after Gian Piero Gasperini rescinded his

contract with the Sicilian club, which now has more coaching

changes than wins (three) this season.

Sannino’s first term with Palermo lasted only the opening three

matches of the season, with one draw and two losses. He was

replaced by Gasperini in September, Alberto Malesani was hired at

the beginning of February, then Gasperini came back for two


Sannino was still under contract with Palermo. His deal expires

after next season.

Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini has made about 35 firings

and had 43 different managers in a quarter century, first at

Venezia from 1987-2002 then at Palermo.