O’Neill unconcerned by rumour mill

O’Neill ended the 2009-2010 campaign with massive question marks

over whether he would still be at the helm for the forthcoming

campaign. Club owner Randy Lerner quickly dispelled those and gave

the Northern Irishman a vote of confidence at his end-of-season

briefing. But O’Neill knows the same sort of rumours could

resurface at any time. O’Neill told the Birmingham Mail: “I’ve

never worried about looking for votes of confidence or anything

like that. “I’ve never bothered about it in the past and certainly

now, as I get older, I’m less concerned about it than ever. “Who’s

to say it (the speculation) has gone away? This is the nature of

the game. “You’re in it. You’re judged. You’re judged on the last

25 minutes of the last game you’ve played. It’s not a problem to

me. “But really I’ve known this for a long, long time about the

nature of football management. That’s not unusual to me.” O’Neill

is still bemused how stories on his future spread after an internet

blog claimed his days at Villa Park were numbered. He said: “When

some story appears on a blog and people take it up, then you find

out that you’re having to answer to it. “I shouldn’t find it

incredible any more but it just is. The fact people kept on running

with it and kept going with it became tiresome.”