Ollie ready for promotion fight

The Seasiders led at Manchester United but, in the end, they were

unable to resist Sir Alex Ferguson’s men, slipping to a 4-2 defeat

that ensured they finished second bottom on their top flight

return. “You are famous for two seconds in football, then you are

gone,” said Holloway. “If you aim for the stars, you might hit the

moon. “I have nothing but pride for my players and the way they

have performed. “I am ready for the fight to get us back.” Holloway

is now braced for an assault on his squad from hungry predators,

with his Old Trafford goalscorers Charlie Adam and Gary

Taylor-Fletcher among those likely to be picked off. If starting

the season on June 30 is such a thing, a silver lining may come

through a place in the Europa League if Blackpool have managed to

finish highest out of the non-European qualifiers in the Fair Play

Table. However, for now, Holloway is only interested in righting a

few wrongs. “The fat lady has finished singing and I do not like

the tune,” he declared. “The Premier League have rung me up and

said ‘we really love you Ian Holloway’. But they have never helped

me. “It is a great league. But the people who run it shouldn’t.

There should be people above them telling them what to do. “Nobody

has to hear from me for another 12 months but hopefully I will get

the chance to tell them about how they do things.” Holloway’s anger

stems from being told he had to tell players by the third Saturday

in May whether options on their contracts were being taken up. In

the instances of Richard Kingson, Marlon Harewood and Brett

Ormerod, all of whom were on the bench this afternoon, the answer

was no. Others – Ian Evatt and Keith Southern – are being retained

but are now condemned to vastly reduced terms due to Blackpool’s

relegation. “Ask yourself how you would have felt to be me on

Monday morning,” said Holloway. “The Football League give you five

days after your last game. The Premier League told us we had to

stick to the exact wording of the contracts. “This was before the

biggest game of my life. Surely common sense should have applied

and I could have told them afterwards.”