NY Cosmos punked into wing-eating contest with Kobayashi

Marosevic and the Cosmos get punked by wing-slinger Kobayashi. 


April Fools’ Day came early for the New York Cosmos when they were punked into an eating contest against one of the world’s foremost competitive eating champs. 

A manager at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Westbury, NY, challenged the soccer team to a chicken-wing eating competition where the winner would receive a free lunch. Peta Marosevic, known as the team’s biggest eater, would represent the Cosmos and compete against two of the restaurant’s "employees" — a beefy guy named Dan and a slight man referred to as "busboy Kevin." 

Only, "Kevin" was superstar competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi — six-time Nathan’s hot dog eating champ and largely considered the world’s greatest competitive eater — in disguise. 

In 2012, Kobayashi won Wing Bowl XX by polishing off 337 wings in 30 minutes.

Kobayashi at Wing Bowl XX in 2012. 

Marosevic and the Cosmos had no idea what they were getting into. Particularly when Kobayashi took care to nosh his wings slowly at the outset so as to not blow his cover right away. It wasn’t until 1 minute, 20 seconds in before "Kevin" unleashed his eating beast, to Marosevic’s utter astonishment.

Kobayashi licked Marosevic 58-18 before taking off his jersey and revealing his true supereater identity. 

H/t Extra Mustard