Notts County somehow managed this embarrassing GK error 3 times vs. the same team

Things have not been going well for Notts County lately. They are on nine straight consecutive losses in League Two after they fell Monday vs. Cambridge, 4-0, and it’s unclear how much longer they can remain in free fall.

But the troubled state of the club has been summed up no better (and no funnier) than by this clip of the Magpies conceding the same exact embarrassing goal three times in 13 months:

As bad as that is, what’s stunning is that they conceded the same goal three times against the same opponent, Cambridge. We’re not sure how you manage to do that. Once? Alright, it happens. Twice? When you get yelled at by your coach, you deserve it. Three times? What are you doing?!

The video evidence is clear and if Notts County get relegated out of League Two, it will be hard to argue with that.