Update: Northern Ireland’s Will Grigg is still on fire


Will Grigg is, by all accounts, pretty much an average player. There's nothing wrong with that. The 25-year-old Northern Ireland and Wigan Athletic striker has carved himself out a nice career. And yet, despite his relative anonymity, he's the subject of one of soccer's most famous and thunderous chants.

The legend reached a crescendo at Euro 2016 this summer, where the “Will Grigg's on Fire” chants were rampant even though the striker didn't play a single minute at the tournament. Nevertheless, the catchy tune took hold and spread like wildfire.

So when Grigg came into Northern Ireland's World Cup qualifying match against Azerbaijan, guess what happened?

It would appear that, indeed, Will Grigg is still on fire. He didn't score in the 4-0 win, but that's not going to stop anyone from continuing to sing his name. It's so prevalent I have to imagine he hears the chant even away from the pitch. At least it's a nice song!