Watch Will Grigg receive a hero’s welcome after not playing 1 minute at Euro 2016

Gee, wonder what the fans are chanting right now...


If you’ve watched just one minute of any of Northern Ireland’s games at Euro 2016, you’ve heard the ‘Will Grigg’s on Fire" chants. Actually, if you’ve watched just one minute of any Euro 2016, you probably have.

Not only has the song been adopted by pretty much every fan base in France, it’s proliferated on social media for weeks, with even French legend Eric Cantona getting in on the action.

Grigg, however, never saw the field once at the Euros, as Northern Ireland manager Michael O’Neill clearly hates fun. Seriously, could you imagine the reaction in the stands had Grigg come on, even if it was for just the last seconds of stoppage time? We’ll never forgive you for this, Michael.

Grigg’s lack of playing time didn’t stop the Green and White Army from enthusiastically serenading their favorite hero one last time upon the team’s arrival back in Belfast. Take a look:

Is this the greatest reception ever for a guy who literally did nothing on the pitch to contribute to his country’s greatest ever sporting success? Without a doubt. Though to be fair, you could also say that Grigg accomplished more at these Euros — inspiring the song of the tournament, being on fire all the time — than the Ukraine, who finished with no points and no goals.