No smell of fear for Dalglish

The Premier League leaders have wobbled of late, with one point

from two games in the wake of their last-gasp defeat to Sunderland.

However, Roberto Mancini’s troops have been imperious on home soil,

maintaining a 100 per cent record from nine games. Dalglish, whose

team secured a 1-1 draw with City at Anfield, accepts it will be a

hard challenge, but he is not writing off the prospect of securing

a positive result. “They are a fantastic side but so are we so we

are not going to go there and be scared,” explained Dalglish. “It

is all well and good saying they have loads of money but they have

a good team. “The money they have everyone else would love to have

but unfortunately they don’t. “We will go and play whichever 11

they put on the pitch and it doesn’t matter how much they cost.

“But we have the utmost respect for what they have done, we will

respect and appreciate their ability. “They are certainly a really

difficult side to play against and we have our work cut out but we

will work hard and fingers crossed we will come home with a