No regrets for Pompey defender

The Frenchman was dismissed in injury-time on Saturday after he

scored a last-gasp equaliser. He was already on a yellow card when

he poked home and he celebrated by taking off his top and diving

into the visiting fans. But Kaboul admits he has few regrets about

what happened. “I must have looked like the happiest player ever to

have been sent off,” said the centre-half. “I was still smiling

because I knew I had rescued a draw for my team. Normally you do

not see players looking like that. “The moment I scored, it was as

if I had completely forgotten I had been booked previously. And as

I was walking off, I was thinking I had been stupid but still felt

happy. “If you saw the emotion of all of us when the goal went in,

it was about everything that has happened so far. “It has been so

difficult for us. We are the ones on the pitch playing and all we

can do is give our all in every game. “So when you come back in a

game like this, you lose your mind.”