No overhaul needed – Wenger

The Gunners finished 12 points behind champions Manchester United

following an end of season collapse that highlighted the

psychological frailties that continue to haunt them. Wenger

understands the “disappointed love” of Arsenal fans, some of whom

have turned on the Frenchman, but insists the team is only five per

cent away from becoming winners. “The criticism has been sharper

this year because of the impatience of people,” Wenger told Arsenal

TV Online. “People are used to us being in the Champions League so

we have to give them more, but we’re not capable of doing that.

“People love what we do but they want us to be rewarded so that

they can be convinced we do things the right way. They want proof

that we do things the right way. “For our fans the frustration was

that we were so close to convincing everybody of how football can

be great, but in the end not being able to deliver. “I would call

it disappointed love. It was cruel and sometimes you get excessive

responses to that. I share that and understand it. “But that

doesn’t mean we have to change our philosophy or the way the club

is run. “We get it 95 per cent right, but we must gain that five

per cent because it’s so frustrating to flirt with success like we

have done. “The fans are unhappy that we didn’t win the Premier

League, but we are close. “In 2003 we were also the best away team,

but didn’t win. We kept going and in 2004 we were very strong.”

Wenger pinpoints Arsenal’s run of two points from three games in

late April as the end of their title challenge. “I was happy with

the attitude of the players and our away form,” he said. “But what

was disappointing was that when we needed to push on, we could not

show the nerves to deal well with some games. “I’m thinking about

Liverpool, Tottenham and Bolton. We had good opportunities to win

those games and had we done, that would have been seven points

more.” Arsenal conceded 41 goals in the Premier League with the set

piece their Achilles heel, prompting Wenger to target some taller

players in the transfer market this summer. “We conceded very few

goals from open play, most of them were from set pieces in a way

you don’t want to concede goals,” he said. “It’s something that’s

easy to correct. We need to improve the size of our squad. We need

a bigger variety in the height of our players. “We need to be more

capable of fighting against some characteristics than we have been

this season.”