Nigeria fans pack stadium, watch from light posts and scoreboard

Nigeria fans turned out en masse to the national team’s crucial Africa Cup of Nations qualifier in Kaduna on Friday. The Kaduna State Government put out free tickets and the fans gobbled them up. They may have even gone a little overboard.

So many fans were trying to get into the 25,000-seat stadium that the venue couldn’t hold them all. Exactly how many fans were on hand is unknown, but it’s pretty clear that they went well over capacity.

Fans even took to climbing the scoreboard and watching from up there. Others climbed light posts. A tower even ended up as a popular place from which to watch.

Unfortunately for the fans, Mohamed Salah scored for Egypt in stoppage time and Nigeria only managed a draw. That’s a potentially devastating result for the Super Eagles, who could have jumped to the top of the group with a win. Now they are stuck in second and in a precarious place as they try to qualify for next year’s Cup of Nations.