Neymar’s Chelsea snub great for Brazil

One of the hottest Brazilian prospects in recent memory, 18 year-old Santos star Neymar found himself with a major dilemma this summer.

This summer provided the Brazilian protege with a major decision in his career, as Chelsea were pursuing the Santos star to come to Stamford Bridge.

But at the end of the day, Neymar decided to listen to the majority of people who let their opinions be heard, and decided to stay with Santos, signing a five year extension in the process.

Overall, this move by Neymar ends speculation at this time that the Brazilian protege will stay at home, but it also marks a major move by Brazilian football as a whole.

For starters, Neymar’s move signifies that he has faith that the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A is a league that is competitive enough that he will be able to become the next best footballer in the world.

Staying at home will also help to encourage a system that will allow more great Brazilian players to stay at home instead of going on to Europe to improve their craft.

So now, players such as Ganso and Dentinho will be more tempted to stay at home and become great players instead of deciding to go overseas and struggle to make the starting squad for a club such as a Barcelona or a AC Milan.

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Submit Vote vote to see results As a result of these footballers deciding to stay in Brazil, Brazil’s Serie A will now become even stronger and will be on par with the top European clubs in the world.

And of course, with these players all playing together in the same league, they will be able to build a stronger link with each other than if they were playing in Europe, which will help Brazil’s already incredibly strong chance of winning the World Cup even better.

But besides the impact on Brazil, Neymar’s move to Chelsea could have ended up becoming a terrible move if he ended up playing in Stamford Bridge.

For a player such as Neymar at the age of 18, playing in the Premier League for any club with the type of artistry and talent that Neymar has could only hurt him in the long run.

By playing such a physical and demanding league, Neymar would never be able to show the world his full potential and as a result would become a shell of what he could have become.

Instead, Neymar will be in a much less physically demanding game and will be playing in a league that allows Neymar to express his talent on the football pitch, a trait that is invaluable for the wonderkid’s future.

Now going forward, football’s spectrum of power has now been shifted for the long run, as Chelsea’s big dollars could not recruit the next big player in world football and as a result, South America (and especially Brazil) will now be stronger for the foreseeable future.

Andrew Jordan is a featured columnist for Bleacher Report, the open source sports network.