It looks like Neymar had an awesome New Year’s Eve

The winter break in La Liga affords players a chance to take some time off and unwind. Just like us regular people, some players like to ring in the new year with a bit of pageantry. Count Neymar among those people.

The Barcelona star is back in South America during the hiatus, and he celebrated New Year’s Eve in spectacular fashion.

Is that karaoke? It sure looks like it. The 24-year-old looked to be enjoying himself with a host of friends, and even jumped on the microphone with the band.

Some might suggest this is a bad look, but it’s a holiday. Neymar caught heat during the summer for his supposed “party boy” lifestyle in Brazil, but people need to have fun at some point. Soccer players are humans, too. Barcelona’s next match isn’t until Jan. 5, which is plenty of time to recover from a night out.

The bigger question is: What song did Neymar sing?