New World Cup ball ‘Brazuca’ unveiled

The new ball for next year’s World Cup – called the ”Brazuca,”

in honor of Brazil, of course – was unveiled at a ceremony Tuesday

in Rio de Janeiro.

The word ”Brazuca” has a double meaning, used as a term for

Brazilians living abroad – including its many footballers – but

also as slang used to describe national pride or anything


Manufacturer Adidas said the ball offers ”breakthrough

innovation” featuring what it calls a ”revolutionary six-panel


The ball is decorated with a ribbon design in shades of blue,

gold and green, which Adidas said symbolizes the traditional ”wish

bracelets” worn in Brazil.

The ball makes its real debut on June 12 in the opening game in

Sao Paulo, and will be used until the final July 13 in Rio de


”The FIFA World Cup match ball is the icon of the tournament as

the centerpiece of every goal, every play and every touch,” said

Ernesto Bruce, director of football for Adidas America. ”Adidas

has a rich legacy at the World Cup, providing the official match

ball for every tournament since 1970.”

Some World Cup balls are more popular than others, with players

often complaining about the feel of a new ball or the way it moves

in the air. Goalkeepers often say they have trouble tracking the

new models, which seem to move faster at every World Cup


Adidas manufactured a ball named ”Jabulani” for the 2010 in

South Africa, which was heavily criticized by some players who said

its movements were unpredictable.

The ”Brazuca” was unveiled at a ceremony at Parque Lage in

Rio’s lush Botanical Garden.