New stadium for Bristol Rovers

Bristol Rovers have been given the green light to build a new


Local councillors voted on Tuesday to approve a proposal by

Sainsbury’s to redevelop the Memorial Stadium site.

The planning committee voted in favour of the proposal and this

allows Rovers to press ahead with building the UWE Stadium in


The decision – which the club claims will give Bristol a

much-needed international class stadium – will now be referred to

the Secretary of State, who now has 21 days to comment on the


At the meeting Rovers chairman Nick Higgs said: “We are here

this evening to consider the Sainsbury’s mixed use application. I

would like to draw your attention to the bigger picture and the

importance of saying yes to this proposal.

“The application in front of members tonight provides Bristol

with the opportunity to build an international sports stadium that

can compete with cities such as Cardiff, Swansea and Reading, to

whom we are consistently missing out on hosting national


“It could also help Bristol Rovers to spring up to top flight

football, and bring a huge investment to Bristol.

“The new stadium is designed to FIFA and International Rugby

standards, giving a capability to host international matches. This

would bring sporting recognition to the region, with the additional

revenue and business opportunities that would follow.”

The design of the new stadium is with a 21,700 capacity, but it

could be increased to 26,000 and then again to 35,000 if it is