Napoli’s Aurelio De Laurentiis apologizes for attacking fan

Aurelio De Laurentis admits he becomes emotionally invested in Napoli matches.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

NAPLES, Italy (AP) — Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis has apologized to a fan of the club after grabbing him by the collar in a fit of rage.

The incident occurred outside the stadium in Parma after a 1-0 loss Sunday.

De Laurentiis says in a statement that he called the fan and invited him to a meeting in his office.

De Laurentiis adds that he is emotional after matches and struggles to balance presidential duties with fan instincts.

He says he was leaving for the airport when ”a fan suddenly started screaming at my window. Still under the emotional strain of the match, I got out and perhaps in a disruptive manner asked him what he wanted. After a few seconds I got back in the car again and left.”