Napoli fans are still pissed, putting Higuain jerseys on trash cans

Gonzalo Higuain just completed a Serie A record €90 million transfer from Napoli to bitter rivals Juventus, and understandably, Napoli fans are PISSED. Some took to the streets to set his jersey on fire, but others have gotten a bit more creative with their burns.

It’s understandable. Higuain stayed at Napoli for three years, promising to emulate Diego Maradona and bring the city their third Scudetto. He scored hatfuls of goals, but in the end, Napoli came up short. Higuain then did what was best for him in a sporting sense and made the traitor’s hop up to the north of Italy.

What’s best for Higuain doesn’t matter to diehard supporters of the Partenopei though. To them, Gonzalo Higuain is dead. He’s ash on the streets of Naples. He’s trash. And this probably isn’t the last we’ll hear from that passionate group of fans. Just don’t expect to vacation in Southern Italy anytime soon, Pipita.