Murray criticises ‘witch hunt’

Sir David Murray says the decision to pursue oldco Rangers over

undisclosed payments to players amounted to a “witch hunt”.

A commission appointed by the Scottish Premier League found

there was a failure to properly disclose side-letter arrangements

in relation to Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs) under Murray’s


A fine of ?250,000 was imposed on the now liquidated oldco, but

the commission ruled there was no reason to strip Rangers of league

titles won between 2000-2011.

A statement from Murray in response to the verdict: “The

problems arising at Rangers brought no credit to Scottish football

and have been a tragedy for the club and its fans. They cannot be


“Similarly, however, and as stated previously, efforts to

bayonet the wounded are equally unjustified and of no benefit to

the club or Scottish football.

“Despite knowledge of the existence of EBT arrangements for 10

years, the SPL has never explained why this was only raised as an

issue last year.

“The imposition of an irrecoverable fine on an entity which is

now in liquidation is futile and only prejudices the ability of

existing creditors to recover any money.

“It is saddening that so much time, effort and money has been

expended in pursuing a retrospective witch hunt against an entity

in crisis, as opposed to seeking to promote and further Scottish

football for the benefit of the game and country as a whole.”