Mulumbu form no surprise to Di Matteo

The defensive midfielder has impressed for the newly-promoted

Baggies in the Premier League so far, helping them collect 10

points from their opening encounters to sit sixth in the early

standings. Italian boss Di Matteo insists that while not everyone

at the Hawthorns was convinced the 23-year-old would make an

immediate impact, Albion’s coaching staff kept faith in him from

the start. “I’m not surprised by Youssouf,” Di Matteo told the

Birmingham Mail. “Some people in the club are but I’m not. “Maybe

he is overlooked by the (national) press but not by us. “He is an

unsung hero that every team needs and we very much appreciate him

as a management, especially as he plays in a position that we know

very well. “(Assistant coach) Eddie (Newton) played in that

position and so did I and we know how hard it is. “He is a willing

boy and he wants to learn and he wants to improve. “He has stepped

up and started well and let’s just hope he keeps his feet on the

ground and keeps on wanting to become a better player. “We see him

in training every day so we can see who will step up and who won’t.

“We appreciate what he does.” Mulumbu does not often give

interviews due to his lack of confidence when speaking English, but

Di Matteo says the Congolese player gets on well with his

team-mates. “He is a good guy,” added Di Matteo. “He is a jolly boy

with good attitude and good application. “He has teamed up with

Gonzo (Gonzalo Jara) and they seem to have formed a good

partnership, although I don’t know what language they speak.”