Mourinho demands Real silverware

Jose Mourinho will consider his first season at Real Madrid a failure unless the Spanish giants win the La Liga title or the Champions League.

Madrid have failed to win the Primera Division since 2007 and picked up their last Champions League trophy in 2002, but Mourinho insists the club’s trophy drought must end now.

"If we don’t win the league or the Champions League (this season), it would be a failure," he told ESPN.

In the league, Mourinho’s Madrid will look to bring an end to the domination of Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona, who have won the last two titles comfortably.

"Barcelona have a different dynamic right now (to Madrid), a philosophy going back a lot of years, players who have been together for many years and a coach who is approaching his third year," he said.

"(But) at Madrid the most veteran player is (Iker) Casillas, who is 29, and the coach has just arrived."

And Mourinho knows his side will also have to compete with well-established sides in Europe, such as Barca, Manchester United and his former clubs Chelsea and Inter Milan.

"It’s the same story in the Champions League," he said.

"Manchester (United) have a coach and a team (that have been together) for many years. Chelsea have a structure (that has been in place) for many years, Barcelona the same and Inter have had a structure for three years.

"They are teams that at the start of the season have a different potential, but we will try to work hard and we will give our all to get there.

"Real Madrid have a history of victories and when the club doesn’t win, it’s a problem."