Morgan expects Man Utd fine

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has taken that step in the past

for matches with West Ham and Hull on the last day of league

campaigns. United will face the Seasiders at Old Trafford on

Sunday, less than a week before the Champions League final, with

speculation mounting that Ferguson will rest several key players.

Wolves were handed a suspended £25,000 fine for making 10

changes for a match against United last season and Blackpool were

fined during this campaign for adopting the same approach at Aston

Villa. Morgan said: “We can only do what we have to do. “I think

United put out a second string against Schalke and it didn’t do

them (Schalke) much good. “I don’t know what they will do. United

are a very professional club and will not want to lose on the final

day, on the day they get presented with the Premier League trophy.

“They are not going to want to lose going into the Champions League

final.” But, when asked if he expected United to be fined by the

Premier League if they field a weakened side, Morgan said: “It

would be pretty hypocritical if they weren’t (fined).” Wolves will

stay up if they beat Blackburn at Molineux, but Morgan insists the

club will not go into financial meltdown if they are relegated. He

revealed every player is scheduled to take a pay cut according to

the terms of their current contracts should Wolves go down. Morgan

said: “The current players’ contracts depend on which division they

are in, everybody. “I know that’s not true at a lot of clubs where

they’ve got certain players who are on the same whatever happens.

“Everyone here has got that sort of contract. That’s what we do. It

is financial suicide to do anything other than that. “Your revenue

would drop by £30million if we go down so who the hell is

going to pick that up? “You have to cut your cloth when you go

down.” Morgan added: “We have lost players for that reason but not

many. Most clubs do try to enforce that anyway. “The top clubs can

afford not to because I don’t think Manchester United, Chelsea or

Arsenal are going to go down next season. “But for the rest, it

would be crazy not to.” Wolves made a £9million profit last

season and Morgan believes all clubs should try to live within

their means financially. He said: “I wonder how they are going to

confirm to the UEFA fair play rules. “We’ve seen what happened with

Portsmouth. They went on a spending spree, brought lots of players

in, they won the cup, and then they almost went into oblivion.

“This short-term mentality in football is ludicrous. People have to

think longer term and start thinking what they are doing. “We were

the third highest spenders in the Premier League last summer so

it’s not as if we are not spending on players. We spent a net

£18million. “Mick McCarthy will have money to spend again this

summer but it is all about balance. “Is it too much of an ask that

clubs are run fiscally correct? I don’t think it is. “The graveyard

is full of them who haven’t done that. We can all name the clubs

who’ve done it over recent years. I’ve no intention of Wolves being

one of them.”