Monk amazed by Swans progress

Monk has been with the club through the worst of times having spent

no less than eight seasons with the Welsh outfit. Less than ten

years ago the club saved themselves from being relegated to

non-league football on the final day of the season. The Swans have

gone from strength to strength in recent seasons having moved to

the Liberty Stadium and Monk can barely believe it. The 32-year-old

is one of three Swansea players, along with Alan Tate and Leon

Britton, to have completed the journey together and he thinks it is

‘surreal’ to have gone from playing Yeovil in league action to

going head-to-head with the likes of Manchester City and co. “I

don’t think anybody could have envisaged what we have achieved,”

explained Monk in the Daily Star. “To be fair, I knew that the club

would go forward when I joined. “What’s now the Liberty Stadium was

a shell, a building site with all the steelwork in place, so you

could see the ambition to move on. “I knew with the other players

that were being signed we wouldn’t stay in the bottom division too

long. I didn’t want to come back down to that level, but in the end

it’s been the best thing I ever did. “To find myself now as a

Premier League captain feels great. If I’m honest, my first thought

when we won the play-off was whether I would get the chance to lead

out the team, especially because I have done it in every division

and for me and my family it was a very proud moment. “I’ve seen it

all. Times when, with all due respect, we’ve been at Rochdale or

Scunthorpe on a Tuesday night and I feel like I have done it the

hard way and learned my trade. “There are three of us that have

gone the whole way with the club – myself, Alan Tate and Leon

Britton. “We’ve basically seen the club evolve from being on its

knees to what it is now and I think we are all proud, and why

shouldn’t we be? “It’s funny, we played Manchester City and I was

talking to Leon and Tatey and saying, ‘Our big game used to be

Yeovil away’. “If you got something from there, it was a really

good result. Now we are playing Man City with all the money they

have. It’s a bit surreal. “But I’d like to think we have all got

here because we have improved as players as well as the club moving