Molineux budget is mystery to Mick

McCarthy is reasonably content with a 19-point haul and 15th

position in the Premier League heading into the new year, despite a

double setback during the festive season against Liverpool and

Manchester City. But there has been speculation about a strained

relationship with owner Steve Morgan since McCarthy fielded a

reserve team against Manchester United at Old Trafford a fortnight

ago. McCarthy said: “If we had said after the Birmingham game a

month ago that we would be sat here now with the points we’ve got

and the position we’re in, we’d all be happy. “So let’s keep the

chins up and keep playing the way we are and pick up the points

from the teams we are expected to get points from. “Despite the

results against Liverpool and Manchester City over Christmas, we’ve

played really well against two of the top six teams. “Am I happy

with this squad going into the second half of the season? Yes. We

are out of that bottom three halfway through the season. “I don’t

know want business people like Portsmouth, Burnley, Bolton,

Blackburn, Wigan will do in the transfer market but we are above

some of them now. “Can we do the same again during the second half

of the season? I think so if we get Michael Kightly, Dave Edwards

and Andy Keogh back from injury.” But, when asked how much activity

he will be involved in during the transfer window, McCarthy said:

“I really don’t know what will be available. “It is a time when

desperation strikes for a lot of people, whether they have to sell

and some are desperate to buy, and prices and wages are raised. We

will have to see. “Do I know what I’ve got to spend? (laughs) Good

question!. “Is that a no? Have you had that conversation (with the

owner)? I’m going to give you the same bland answer I did before.

“We will be having a look but wages keep rising and so are fees. We

always keep looking but whether anyone can do anything… I am

always on the lookout, alright. Thank you.” In contrast, Wolves

chief executive Jez Moxey claimed the club would try to sign “one

or two suitable players” in January. Moxey said: “We are not able

to go out and splash out tens of millions of pounds to bring in

what are guaranteed top quality international players. “We have to

operate within pragmatic limitations when compared to some of the

big boys, although as ever recognising the need to support Mick in

the transfer market as much as possible. “To that end we are

looking to see if we can find one or two suitable players to

strengthen the squad when the transfer window re-opens. “January is

not a time for massive, wholesale changes to the squad. Indeed, it

is not necessary. “But we will try and do business for what we

believe is the right player at the right price and myself, Steve

(Morgan) and Mick are in regular dialogue about the possibility of

bringing in new additions of the right talent and experience. “We

will continue to strive to formulate a squad containing two high

quality players for every position as our battle for survival moves

into its crucial second phase of the season.”