MLS is paving the way to sign Christian Pulisic (because they have to)

Christian Pulisic has been added to the MLS Allocation Ranking List, just in case he signs with the league, which isn't happening anytime soon.

The move is essentially a formality for MLS. By rule, players are added to the list in the two months between the end of the regular season and MLS Cup, but players who turn 18 years old can be added in the middle of the season. So when Pulisic celebrated his 18th birthday on Sunday, MLS followed up by adding him to their Allocation Ranking List.

The Allocation Ranking List is MLS's official list of players who would be subject to the Allocation Order if they signed with the league. It has any United States national team players playing abroad, top U.S. youth teamers and players sold by the league for more than $500,000. Pulisic obviously fits the bill and now that he's 18 years old, he's on it.

Maybe one day, years and years from now, Pulisic will want to play in MLS. He could join the Philadelphia Union and play near his childhood home in Hershey, PA. Then he'll go through the Allocation Order — if MLS still uses the same rules then, which is a huge leap — but that's a long ways off.

For now, MLS is going through formalities and doing what their rules require. And we're laughing because it looks funny for them to create a path to MLS for a player who isn't coming to the league anytime soon.