Micronesia concedes a jaw-dropping 46 goals against Vanuatu

Poet John Donne once said that no man is an island. But after Micronesia’s humiliating 46-0 defeat against Vanuatu in the Pacific games, the Micronesian players will surely wish they were islands, or atleast hiding in one.

It went from embarrassing, to bad, to worse. Prior to their international match against Vanuatu, Micronesia had lost 30-0 against Tahiti, and 38-0 against Fiji. You would think it would not get worse against Vanuatu, right? Well, wrong.

In Vanuatu’s absurd 46-0 defeat of Micronesia, J. Kaltack had 16 goals, Nicolls had 10 goals, and two other players had 6 a piece. Wow. Here are some of the highlights: