Mick enjoying survival fight

McCarthy’s side – and their opponents – are currently one point

above the drop zone as the season reaches its finale at Molineux.

But either of them could be overhauled by Birmingham, Blackpool and

Wigan if results go against them. McCarthy said: “Am I enjoying it?

I am enjoying it all. What is the alternative – go and play golf?

“It is an absolutely fabulous job despite all the pressures and

attention I get. “I don’t want to do anything else – I love it. “If

you want to be successful at whatever you do then there are going

to be days that put you under a lot of pressure.” McCarthy is

adamant he has no problems with the side Manchester United boss Sir

Alex Ferguson will select for the home clash with Blackpool.

Ferguson has indicated he will not be fielding his strongest

line-up ahead of the Champions League final with Barcelona.

McCarthy said: “It doesn’t interest me. I maintain that we are

entitled to pick the team we should pick. “I trust Sir Alex and his

integrity and winning mentality to do the right thing. I haven’t

got a problem.” McCarthy believes it helps Wolves’ cause they will

be facing a side in Rovers who will also have something to play

for. He said: “It probably helps that it makes them as nervous as

we will be. “I am never quite sure whether it is a good thing or a

bad thing when you go into a game against a team that is relaxed

and nothing to lose. “Does it take the edge off their performance

or does it give them an ability to relax with a bit of gay abandon.

“I’m not sure which is the help but we both need points and, if

either of us win the game, it’s job done.” McCarthy has defended

his decision to recently axe England winger Matt Jarvis from his

starting line-up. McCarthy said: “He came on against Sunderland

last weekend as a substitute and he was brilliant. I think he has

handled it particularly well. “I have never played in a team yet

when one player has the divine right to play in every game, never

has a bad game and never gets left out. “I think Wayne Rooney gets

left out from time to time. “I seem to think Didier Drogba and

Fernando Torres get left out from time to time so why is it that

Matt Jarvis has a divine right to play in this team along with

anyone else? They just haven’t. “If I can conjure something else up

on Sunday by leaving someone out then I will do my best.” Wolves

striker Kevin Doyle is battling to be fit after aggravating his

knee problem at the Stadium Of Light.