Mick: Boss exit could affect WBA

McCarthy has plenty of respect for new Albion boss Roy Hodgson and

can understand why the Baggies have turned to the former Liverpool

manager in their bid to avoid relegation from the Premier League.

But he does not believe it is one of those scenarios where the

Albion players had lost faith in Di Matteo and hopes that works in

Wolves favour at the Hawthorns on Sunday. When asked if the West

Brom players would be galvanised by Hodgson’s arrival, McCarthy

said: “That is an interesting theory. “The new manager comes in and

the players might be galvanised if they wanted the previous manager

to go. I’m not convinced that was the case at West Brom. “That is a

good theory if they didn’t like the outgoing boss and there was

dissent towards him and people were not particularly doing their

job for Roberto. “But I didn’t see that at all. The players didn’t

look as if they had stopped playing for Roberto or stopped running

about for him. “Whenever they scored, they were always at the

dug-out and celebrating with him and his staff. “It seemed like

they have got a really good spirit. So I don’t know. They might be

a bit brassed off that they have lost him. “It could work both ways

and, of course, I’m hoping it works the way I’ve just said, that

they don’t galvanise around him (Hodgson). “I don’t know. They are

things I can’t do anything about. All I can deal with is my team.”

McCarthy was manager of Wolves when they won 1-0 away to Liverpool

in December – a result which played a part in Hodgson losing his

job only a few days later. But he does not believes that gives him

a psychological advantage for Sunday’s bottom four clash. McCarthy

said: “Roy is managing West Brom now. I dont think Roy carries

scars around from when we beat them (Liverpool) up there. “It was a

good night for us, we played very well that evening. “But it

doesn’t have any bearing on when Roy goes somewhere else. Not at

all. This is a different game.” McCarthy is aware of the need for

players not to get carried away with what is bound to be a heated

atmosphere. He said: “It is important to stay cool because there is

always that intimidation and the element of the crowd being more

vociferous. “I think referees are aware of the size of the game and

they have to be. “I, for one, don’t want them to get out of hand

and have needless bookings. “Effectively it ruins the game if

anyone gets sent off – especially if one of our players gets sent

off! “I don’t want anyone running around like a headless chicken

and getting sent off. “Sensible and clever players can keep their

emotions under control when everything else around you is going at

100 miles an hour.” McCarthy knows it is important to pick up

points in both derbies still to be played with Albion this season,

although staying up is the number one priority. He said: “If we

stayed up, and they went down, would any of our fans be bothered

where we got the points from? “I know some might say they would and

there might be some that say they’d rather win both games against

Albion and go down – but that’s beyond me that one. “It’s important

to get something out of the two games, of course it is. “The main

importance is getting enough points and we’ve only got 12 left now

so we need something from most of them.”