Micah vows to be fit for final

Richards was set to play in the semi-final against Manchester

United but was devastated when he pulled his hamstring again in the

final training session. That prevented the 22-year-old playing in a

memorable victory for the Blues as Pablo Zabaleta came in and

produced a fine performance at right-back. However, Richards has

vowed to recover from his latest setback to be ready for City’s

return to Wembley on May 14 to face Stoke. “I was a bit gutted, as

I strained my hamstring again on Friday,” Richards said. “I was

down to play as well. “I’ll definitely be fit for the final. I’ll

make sure of it. “It was still a great day and I was just happy for

the boys. It was a great event and it was great to be at Wembley

and to beat United. “The boys deserve to be there for all the hard

work they’ve put in. There’s been a lot of criticism recently from

people saying we’re not up to it, but we prove people wrong all the

time. “And they did that again with the performance on Saturday –

so long may it continue.”