Mesut Ozil’s Champions League match ball is his most prized possession after hat trick

Catherine Ivill - AMA/Getty Images

Mesut Ozil scored his first ever career hat trick for Arsenal against Ludogorets in Champions League, and he rightfully took home the match ball for his efforts. And MANNNNN was he happy about it.

First, he did a little showboat on the pitch. When you're one of the world's sauciest players, it's only right, right?

Next, he got his boys in on the act. It's not a success if you don't share it with the squad, right?

Then, after all the hoopla had died down, Mesut hopped in the Mercedes and headed home, with match ball in tow. As he climbs out of the cockpit he lets out a tired “yaaaaassssss” (or maybe it was just a YAH, but let's go with YAASSSS because it's funnier), gives the ball a tender smooch, tries (and fails miserably) to spin the ball on his finger, then punches the passcode into his bank vault house and disappears inside. But not before giving the ball another smooch.

Please never change, Mesut. Never.