Messi predicts Fabregas reunion

Speculation continues to link Barca with a bid for their former

trainee this summer and world player of the year Messi believes his

old friend is destined to return to Catalonia. “Cesc has a place

for Arsenal in his heart, but he has Barcelona in his blood,” Messi

told the Daily Express. “He will want to win win the biggest prizes

in football, and I expect him to do that at Barcelona. “I don’t

exactly know when that will be, but I expect him to be my Barcelona

team-mate again at some point. “I am sure that Arsene Wenger and

Cesc have a father-son relationship and I know that he has a very

special relationship with the Arsenal fans. “When you grow up at a

club, it is more than just a club. The coaches, the players, the

people in the club will be like family. “But Barcelona is his city

and it is the club of him and his family. There are only a few

players in the world who can improve this squad we have but Cesc is

one of them.” Messi poured water on English hopes of him one day

playing on these shores, however. “Will I play in the Premier

League one day? I have said that I want to be at Barcelona for

life,” he said. “I will be here for as long as they want me. I owe

Barcelona more than for giving me a chance – I owe them for

changing my life.” Messi also wants to make history and he feels

the current Barca side is well placed to do that. “When you win

everything, though, the only thing that can match it is winning

everything again. That is the aim of this football club,” he said.

“I have already said this team can go down in the history books.

What we did last year was special, but to go down as the best ever

we need to keep doing it and I believe we can. “I don’t believe we

will be remembered for just what we won, but how we won it. I hope

people enjoy watching us and I hope people in 50 years will talk

about how this football team played the game. “This Barcelona team

have a chance to go down in not just recent history, but in

football history. “We are all friends. We all enjoy playing for the

manager and we stay humble enough to realise how lucky we are to be

playing for this club.” With every club honour already won, many

are suggesting that Messi will be known as the greatest player ever

– if he can lead Argentina to World Cup glory, and he will have

that chance in South Africa this summer. And the Barca star is

confident his country can compete and could win the finals. “Spain

have amazing players, they are the champions of Europe and they

will do well,” he said. “And I think it will be the same five or

six teams as usual who will be the big threat. “I really do believe

that Argentina have amazing players, and I believe we can do it.

“Just as in any major international tournament you always need a

little bit of luck to win it and we need to show we have a big