Messi finally reveals why he dyed his hair blond


From the second Messi stepped outside looking like Justin Bieber's biggest fan, it was obvious the little genius was troubled. He'd just lost the Copa America final with Argentina, his tax issues were escalating, and the weight of the world was squarely perched on his shoulders. He had to do something to snap out of this funk. He had to dye his hair blond.

Messi opened up about his decision to go full pop star in an interview with Argentine comedy figure Mingo on Telefe's 'Polemica en el bar'. Appearing happy and at ease, Messi said “I made a change to start from zero. A lot had gone on, things had happened, and I said to myself: 'I have to break this and start again.’”

Messi went on to say that his retirement directly after the Copa America final was because “everything came crashing down.” It makes sense. Poor little fella was crushed after that match, everything after that just falls under “bad decisions while heartbroken.” Blond hair, full basketball uniforms, it's all ok. We understand.

At least the smile is back.