Megson rejects ‘scurrilous’ claims

Megson is reported to have gone ‘nose to nose’ with Samuel during a

half-time rant at his players in the 2-1 defeat at Wolves nine days

ago. The report further claimed former England manager Steve

McClaren is being lined up by chairman Phil Gartside to replace

Megson due to his increasingly fractious relationship with the

players. Yet a defiant Megson said: “What went on with Jlloyd at

Wolves was a professional thing in terms of an incident I saw on

the pitch on which I was proven right. “Jlloyd didn’t think I was

right, but he was shown a DVD of it at the time, and I was proven

to be right. End of story. Finished. “I feel I’ve every right to

say what I feel. Jlloyd has his right to say what he feels, as does

everybody else. “It happened again on Saturday against City. I had

a go at one of our players I thought should be doing better, and it

will happen again tomorrow against West Ham.” Megson feels the

story was written to cause mischief and undermine him at a time

when he and Bolton are fighting for their lives in the Premier

League. “It (the story) was done on purpose,” added Megson. “I was

disappointed when I saw it, but I’m not surprised at where it’s

come from. “I know who has put it in there, I know why it was put

in there, and no good can come from crap like that. “The stuff that

was in it, most of it was scurrilous, was deemed to cause problems,

but it wasn’t true. “At the end of the day it’s nothing to do with

Bolton, nothing to do with football. “It won’t make any great

difference, certainly not to myself, and if there are any people

out there thick enough to believe in those kind of things, then