Megson blasts Bolton fans

The Sheffield Wednesday manager admits he was ‘battered from pillar

to post’ from the moment he took over the reigns at Bolton. And he

feels he wasn’t given a fair chance by Wanderers’ fans to settle

in, also claiming that the club wouldn’t be in the position they

are today without the job he did during his two-year spell. He told

the Daily Star: “If things go badly all supporters let you know but

I would expect it to be different with Wednesday. “If you keep a

club up you’d expect to have some sort of nice feedback. Right from

minute one to the end I got battered from pillar to post. “I

thought they were bang out of order and there was no honeymoon

period whatsoever. “Even when I was sat in the stands before I took

over for my first game they made it clear they didn’t want me. “It

really sticks in the throat and in my view the club would be in

serious trouble now if I’d not done the job I did.”