McLeish plans busy New Year

With the Blues currently languishing towards the foot of the

Premier League table, new recruits could play a crucial role in the

second half of the season. McLeish hopes that will prove to be the

case, as he has already informed his board of his desire to dip

into the New Year market. He feels it is imperative Birmingham

freshen things up if they are to pull clear of trouble, especially

as the games are set to come thick and fast over the coming weeks.

“I’m hoping to add to the squad, whether it’s through loans or

permanent transfers, but we’re certainly looking to try and add to

the squad,” McLeish said in the Birmingham Mail. “They [the board]

know that we do need a little bit of help. “It’s going to be hectic

late December, January. We’ve got a load of games and to ask the

same players to play week in and week out will be tough. “I suppose

it depends on results, because they don’t seem to feel tired when

they’re getting victories. However, I would think we’ll use a fair

bit of the squad in that period.” While keen to bolster his ranks,

McLeish has been informed that funds will be in short supply.

Having splashed out on fresh faces over the summer, he admits that

he is under pressure to wheel and deal to the best of his ability.

“We are looking at the loan situation, and if push comes to shove

then we will see,” he said on his chances of being given money to