McGhee understands abandonment

Two superb goals by Eliot Richards had put the Pirates in

control but persistent heavy rain coupled with a thunderstorm that

saw lightning come dangerously close to striking Adams Park put the

match in jeopardy. Eventually, referee Andy Davies decided to call

off proceedings with 67 minutes gone with the pitch unplayable and

the fan’s safety in question.

McGhee said: “We have to accept the decision – the safety

officer had the interest of both sets of players and fans and he

had to make that decision. It was too big a risk for him to have

let that game go on.

“Obviously we’re disappointed because we were winning the game

but we’re satisfied that the decision was made in good faith.

“I’ve been in games in Scotland that were postponed because of

snow or rain but I can’t remember being in involved in too many

abandonments. It’s even more unusual to be involved in one in the

middle of summer, but it happens and we accept it.

“Eliot though will be absolutely gutted but hopefully his

performance will give him the belief that he can score goals and I

said to him before the game that there was no reason why he

shouldn’t finish top scorer with this squad.”