McCoist thrilled to win title

Ally McCoist is hoping Rangers have taken the ‘first major step’

on the road back to the top flight after clinching the Scottish

Third Division title.

A 0-0 draw at Montrose on Saturday lunchtime appeared likely to

delay Rangers’ title celebrations, but Queen’s Park’s 1-0 defeat by

Elgin later in the day confirmed McCoist’s side as champions.

Rangers had been demoted from the SPL last summer after being

liquidated and being forced to reform, and McCoist acknowledged it

has been an eventful season for the club.

“We’re delighted,” McCoist told Sky Sports News. “People have

been asking us for many weeks where we would like to win it, but

we’ve always been of the opinion that it can be absolutely anywhere

at the first available opportunity, and thankfully it was


“It’s fantastic. There were a certain amount of people who would

say they expected it from us, but that’s never been the case from

anybody within the club.

“We knew it would be very difficult, and that has certainly been

the case. I’m thrilled for the players, the staff and the

incredible supporters.

“The best way to describe it is that it’s the first step on the

road to recovery and back to where we want to be.”

Discussions are currently ongoing regarding the future of

Scottish football and Rangers will have to wait to see which

division they will be playing in next season.

However, McCoist is adamant Gers deserve to be promoted and

believes it would be unfair for any restructuring of the league to

come into effect for next season.

He added: “What I would like to happen would be promotion for

our club. Having won the title, I think the players and the fans

100 per cent deserve that.

“In my opinion, you don’t move the goalposts during the season.

Everyone starts the season knowing the rules. We’ve been fortunate

enough to win our championship and I would expect progression to


“I think moving the goalposts in the season is unfair on

everybody. I’m all for change and I’m all for dialogue, and sitting

down and getting the best possible outcome for the benefit of

Scottish football, which is vitally important.

“But, in terms of the immediate future, natural progression is

promotion for Rangers.”