McCoist handed suspended SFA ban

McCoist was found guilty of two of three charges by an SFA fast

track tribunal today but his punishment is suspended for 12


Chief executive Charles Green escaped with a censure for

comments he made in the media claiming “bigotry” was one of the

reasons his newco club were denied entry to the SPL.

McCoist was found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute and

not acting in the best interests of football for questioning the

independence of the panel that handed Rangers a 12-month transfer

embargo in April, before they were consigned to liquidation.

A third charge relating to his demands that the three-man

panel’s identities were made public was dismissed.

Rangers were censured for Green’s comments, made before his

newco club made their first appearance on the pitch, in a Ramsdens

Cup clash in Brechin last month, since being denied entry to the

SPL and voted into the Third Division.

In response to the transfer ban, which applies after tomorrow

night, McCoist had asked:

“Who are these people? I want to know who these people are.

“I’m a Rangers supporter and the Rangers supporters and the

Scottish public deserve to know who these people are, people who

are working for the SFA.

“Make no mistake about it, this is an SFA decision. They have

appointed the panel, so therefore they are working for the SFA, but

who are they?

“I think we have a right to know who is handing out this

punishment to us, I really do.”

The three panel members were later given security advice by

police following alleged threats. McCoist condemned such behaviour

but stood by his calls for transparency.

Green’s offending comments came as he discussed decisions made

over his club’s league status.

“Some of it has been driven by bigotry, some of its been driven

by jealousy and some of its been driven by all the wrong motives,”

Green said.