McCoist: Cheat claims riled me

Ally McCoist is ‘not holding his breath’ about receiving an

apology from the clubs who accused Rangers of cheating.

The Gers boss apologised after the Ibrox outfit were fined

?250,000 for failing to disclose payments to players between


But an independent commission appointed by the SPL rejected

suggestions Rangers had fielded ineligible players or gained an

unfair competitive advantage.

McCoist said: “I’m not trying to belittle the guilty verdicts

that have been found on us. We accept them and we apologise for


“But in the grand scheme of things, the far bigger issue was the

finger being pointed at us in terms of sporting integrity and

trying to gain an unlawful advantage.

“In fact, cheating – which we felt was pretty out of order


“Thankfully, we have been totally vindicated and cleared in

those cases.”

Asked if Rangers were due an apology, McCoist added: “That might

be the case but I wouldn’t be holding my breath to be honest with


“Me, personally, I’m not looking for an apology from


“All we’ve wanted is the opportunity to move forward.

“It’s been a black cloud hanging over the club for a while. It’s

now, in my opinion, dispersed and I want to move on.”