McCarthy: Murphy comments are silly

Murphy accused McCarthy, Sam Allardyce and Tony Pulis for sending

out their Wolves, Blackburn and Stoke players “too pumped up”. But

McCarthy is adamant he has only ever had a 30 second conversation

with the Fulham skipper after Karl Henry’s challenge on Bobby

Zamora which saw the striker end up with a broken leg. The former

Republic of Ireland manager has spoken with Allardyce, the League

Managers’ Association and PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor over

Murphy’s comments. McCarthy said: “I’ve only had one conversation

with Danny Murphy and that was after the Fulham game when he said

‘don’t worry, I’ll make sure Zamora knows it was a fair tackle’ and

I said ‘great’. “If Danny Murphy can decide on, or analyse my team

talks or beliefs from that one 30 second conversation, then he is a

better man than me. “I find it incredible coming from someone who

has never been in the dressing room with me, has never worked with

me. Apart from that 30 seconds, we have never had a conversation.

“For him to pontificate like he has done, is completely wrong. “It

has not made me angry. It was a silly comment without a great deal

of knowledge. It has created a huge furore and the media have had

great mileage out of it.” McCarthy is hoping Murphy’s comments do

not influence referees perception of Wolves ahead of Saturday’s

clash with West Ham at Molineux. He said: “It is dammed hard to

pick up points. It is made harder by comments like that. “I hope it

doesn’t affect referees. I am one of those managers who go into

their room before the game and listen to them and treat them with

respect. I don’t send in my assistant or the physio. “We will

continue to play the same way but hopefully with less yellow cards.

“I don’t think Danny has the info, information or experience to say

something that would hurt me. “It has not hurt me, it has made life

harder for us but if people push against us, you have to push

back.” McCarthy revealed: “I spoke to Sam Allardyce, the LMA,

Gordon Taylor, people’s opinions I care for. “It is sad we have to

defend ourselves because the three of us have done all right in the

game. “We should not have to defend ourselves against a player who

has got no knowledge of us. “If I started making accusations about

players, I might get a call from the PFA and deservedly so.”

McCarthy does concede that his team have to improve their

disciplinary record after collecting two red cards and 20 yellows

this season. He said: “I agree with the sentiment of all managers

that none of us send a team out to kick or to injure people. We all

abhor tackles that hurt people. “I was the first one to come out

and say Henry’s tackle at Wigan was a ridiculous tackle and a red

card. I said that straight after the game. “I never said ‘I didn’t

quite see it’ or ‘there was sand in my eye’ like some do. I came

out and said it as it was and I’ll always do that “We are bottom of

the disciplinary league with 20 yellows and two reds but if you

look at the last four years we’ve finished 9th, 10th, 3rd and 13th.

“I have never sent teams to do that (be dirty). My teams always try

and play football. We can’t stop being competitive. “I would like

to improve the discipline record and we are trying to do it.”

McCarthy is under no illusions about the importance of tomorrow’s

game with the Hammers after four successive defeats. He said: “It

is a huge game. There is no hiding from that but we were in a

similar position last season and turned it around. “I don’t like

the position we are in, I don’t like the bashing the club is

getting, but if we can maintain our belief after losing four games,

we will be fine.”